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Care Covered By Health Insurance

Care Covered By Health Insurance – Full Information

While some health expenses are partially reimbursed by health insurance, others are not covered at all. Hence the interest of taking out a complementary health contract. Consultations, examinations, equipment, specific care. Which items are covered by mutual health insurance? In general, your complementary health contract will complete the reimbursement of Social Security, and provide for…
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Smoke Detector - Notify Your Home Insurance

Smoke Detector – Notify Your Home Insurance

Since March 8, 2015, the Alur law requires each dwelling to be equipped with an autonomous smoke alarm detector (Daaf), also called a smoke detector. By emitting an audible and visual signal, this device prevents many fatal domestic fires. But which of the owner or the tenant should install it? What are the consequences of…
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Housing Insurance Quote

Housing Insurance Quote – Our Advice

In the event of a claim in your home, questions abound regarding your home insurance. We will providing you with the answers to your questions.   What information do I need to get a home insurance quote? The number of rooms of more than 7 m² and more than 40 m² in the accommodation to…
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