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How to insure your swimming pool

How to insure your swimming pool – Best Practice

To be covered, the swimming pool must be declared to the insurer, when the insurance is taken out or when the swimming pool is installed. Without this declaration, in the event of a claim, the damage affecting your installation would not be covered. To insure your swimming pool, it is recommended to choose specific optional…
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How Does The Electrical Damage Warranty Work

How Does The Electrical Damage Warranty Work – Things To Know

A power outage following a storm? Abnormal electrical voltage due to lightning? An EDF accident? So many events that can damage your electrical appliances? Your insurance, more specifically the electrical damage guarantee, can compensate all or part of the damage to your household appliances, in certain cases.   What do electrical damage warranties cover? Multi-risk…
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Credit Insurance

Credit Insurance – How It Works

The subscription of a borrower’s insurance is essential to be able to contract a mortgage after a credit institution. This insurance is a guarantee of security in the event of death, disability or loss of employment. We tell you everything about this insurance: definition, guarantee.   What is borrower insurance? Also called credit insurance, this…
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Hail Insurance

Hail Insurance – How To Properly Protect Your Property

We can be responsible for certain events, such as a car accident or the breakage of a telephone. On the other hand, there are some for which nothing can be done and which are totally random, such as climatic events. That’s why guarantees exist in your insurance to protect your property against storms, fire, flood…
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Prevention Against Freezing

Prevention Against Freezing – Required Actions

Pipe burst, water damage. With the onset of winter, your pipes are vulnerable. To avoid this, we gives you some simple freeze prevention tips. Let’s begin.   Steps to take to prevent freezing Freeze prevention: pipes Protect your meter and external pipes with insulating materials (glass wool, etc.). Provide insulating enclosures for outdoor taps. In…
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