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Roommate Insurance How

Roommate Insurance – How To Be Well Insured

Due to high rents or the desire to live a Friends-style life, more and more people are opting for shared accommodation. A life in community which has its disadvantages as well as its advantages. On the home insurance side, what precautions are necessary to be well compensated in the event of a claim? Roommate insurance You might be tempted…
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How to increase your business revenue (1)

Natural Disaster – What To Do With Your Insurer

Do you live in an area at risk for natural disasters? Are you sure you are covered by your home insurance in the event of a claim? Adopting good reflexes before and after a disaster can save you time with your insurer to get you compensated.   Natural disasters – The exact definition Are considered as natural disasters,…
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How To Insure A Condominium

How To Insure A Condominium – Best Tips

Are you a condominium owner? Did you know that since the Alur law of March 24, 2014, the building must be insured at least with regard to civil liability? Each co-owner also has the obligation to take out civil liability, whether he is the occupying owner or not. We’ll tell you more about the most interesting formulas…
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Swimming pool safety

Swimming Pool Safety – Solutions To Stay Calm

The swimming pool safety law has reduced the number of domestic accidents linked to the possession of a pool by a third; at the same time, the number of people who equip themselves is constantly increasing. Although the 2004 law imposes a security system on all owners of private swimming pools, it is not the…
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Protecting Your Home During Your Vacation

Protecting Your Home During Your Vacation – Some Prevention Tips

If the word “holiday” rhymes with idleness, change of scenery, letting go the fact remains that a departure is something to be prepared. Certain actions and certain checks are necessary, in particular to secure your home. A quick overview of the precautions to take before D-Day.   Against theft – follow the instructions of the…
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