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Let’s Help You Build Your Success

Table Talk With Urch

Hi, I’m Uche Igwe
I’ve always had this desire to affect lives positively. Helping people discover their true happiness, the real you in you.
My mission is to share life facts and success canons that can direct and empower you RICHLY.
Am always engulfed with gratitude and joy, seeing you live a purposeful, beautiful, wealthier, healthier and most importantly fulfilling life.

Lets do this together…

Do not forget that, you dont pursue success. Success is something you attract by the person you become.

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What I Do

I Coach

I coach, specifically for today’s teens.I am here to improve you and enable you stay focused

I Write

I’m a blogger and I write inspirational, motivational and self help books.

I Counsel

I help teens have sense of their feelings, behavior and thought. 

I Motivate

As a motivational speaker, I speak to make a change minor or major. Which empowers
you to be more growth oriented than goal oriented.

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