This is a situation well known to the unlucky or the airheads. We slam the door of the apartment leaving the keys inside, the key breaks in the lock, or the lock are damaged following a burglary. In short, so many situations in which you will be forced to call a locksmith.

It happens that their intervention is very expensive, without this being really justified. At such times, you can count on your insurance which recommends an approved professional to avoid unpleasant surprises and pays for this type of intervention according to the guarantees taken out in the contract.

What are the steps in case of loss of the house keys?

Your keys have disappeared and it is impossible for you to remember where you may have misplaced them. First, don’t panic.

First, take stock of all the places where they are likely to be. Places you have recently visited, belongings in which you could have stored them, etc. If it is impossible for you to get your hands on them and you have not given the duplicate keys to anyone around you, contact your insurer first.

Indeed, he can tell you if your home insurance contract covers the costs of this type of situation, or he can at least direct you to an approved locksmith.

We encourage you to report the loss or theft of your keys to the police station within 24 hours. This way you will have a supporting document for your future procedures. Also, remember to change your lock to avoid burglary.

What insurance coverage?

Theft and burglary insurance

The theft, burglary, and vandalism cover are often offered as an option in your multi-risk home insurance policy. It supports the intervention of a locksmith following a theft under certain conditions. They are indicated in the general conditions of your contract. This may involve the installation of specific locks, often three-point locks, or a high-performance alarm system.

Emergency home repair cover

This optional guarantee in the home insurance contract covers the intervention of certain professionals in emergency situations. Very often, the bill turns out to be salty. Indeed, it is often necessary to take into account travel expenses, labor, and the cost of parts.

Finally, there is an increase if these interventions take place at night or on weekends. This is why this guarantee can be very interesting.

It covers the intervention of the following professionals:

  • The locksmith. For lost, stolen, or broken keys, a locksmith can intervene urgently. This is also the case if your lock is damaged.
  • The plumber.   A clogged pipe, water damage, a search for a leak. Your insurance covers certain urgent interventions;
  • Electricity. In the event of a breakdown in your electrical installation;
  • The glazing. The replacement of a broken window for one reason or another which is notably covered;
  • The gas leak. This situation is particularly dangerous and can have serious consequences for your home and its occupants. This is why this type of intervention is covered by this guarantee.

What are the limits of this warranty?

Sometimes the insurance company covers the intervention of the locksmith provided that you go through a professional in their network. If you use a locksmith who is not approved by the insurer, you run the risk that these repairs will not be covered or only partially.

The emergency home repair guarantee generally covers the travel costs of the professional and the first hour of intervention. On the other hand, excess fees and the replacement of parts remain your responsibility. These amounts correspond to the deductible. It is also possible that your insurance contract provides maximum compensation. 

Refer to the general conditions of your contract or contact your advisor to find out more.

What is a Certified Craftsman?

Insurance companies usually work with a network of approved professionals in order to:

  • avoid ending up paying exorbitant bills from potential crooks who take advantage of an emergency situation to inflate their rates,
  • guarantee to the insured the seriousness of the professional solicited and avoid any dispute.

Approved professionals charge affordable rates in line with the insurance fee schedule and are recognized for the quality of their work.

Not going through an approved professional is therefore risking asking someone who would overcharge for their work. The insurance has the right to refuse to cover part of the sums involved. 

This is why, in the event of an emergency, although you remain free to call on the professional of your choice, we recommend that you always contact your insurance company first so that they can refer you to one of the craftsmen of its network.

How to get compensated?

In the event of a problem with your door and/or lock, here is the procedure to follow to be reimbursed by your home insurance.

  • If your keys have been stolen, or your lock has been damaged by burglars, go to the police station to file a complaint. Keep the report and send it to your insurance as proof;
  • Contact your insurance. In case of emergency, it will tell you which professional to turn to solve your problem;
  • Report it to your insurerYou have 48 hours after the intervention of the locksmith to do so. Attach to your declaration all the evidence (photos, report, proof of repair, etc.) of the defective lock as well as the professional’s invoice;
  • You have advanced the costs of the intervention of the locksmith. Your insurance company will reimburse you its share within 10-15 days. The latter lengthens when it comes to a burglary that requires the opening of an investigation.

Owner or tenant, who should pay the bill?

Depending on the nature of the disaster, it will be up to the tenant or the owner to call a locksmith. In the context of a rental, it is important to know the responsibilities of each in order to know which insurance will come into play.

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