Selling Your Car – How To Cancel Your Car Insurance

Are you selling your car and wondering about your current car insurance policy? Several options are possible such as termination , transfer or suspension of contract.

When can you cancel your car insurance?

You can terminate your contract without waiting for the expiry date if your situation has changed (see the cases below), and if this change may have consequences for your insurance.

The law specifies these situations. You must cancel within 3 months of the event. Termination takes place one month after the receipt by the insurer of your registered letter.

If you had opted for the annual payment, the insurer reimburses the overpayment, i.e. the share of your premium: if you cancel 6 months before the expiry of the contract, it reimburses you the sum corresponding to these 6 months.


If you have sold or given away the insured car, the contract is automatically suspended. You can cancel it within 10 days.

Be careful, never stay without car insurance, it is compulsory. The driver must at least have a civil liability guarantee, which insures him against damage caused to third parties.

Car insurance – Cancellation procedure to follow

To cancel your contract, you must send your insurer a cancellation letter by registered mail. Otherwise the insurer is entitled to refuse the end of the contract.

The acknowledgment of receipt is not required by law, but recommended: it can be used as proof in the event of a problem.

To terminate your contract, send a registered letter with AR to your insurer.

We offer you a personalized termination letter, ready to send. This letter is pre-filled with the mandatory information

Do not forget to date, sign and attach a copy of the transfer certificate which is document proving the sale. Without this document, the insurer will not be able to terminate your contract.

You can send the letter to the head office of the insurer or to the agency with which you subscribed. We recommend this second solution instead, because your request will be processed more quickly.



It’s important to always let your insurance company know everything that happen to your car so as to know what next to do.

Cancellation of car insurance when you want to or have sold your car is very easy to do.

I hope this post enlighten on the things to know if you want to cancel your active car insurance right away.

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