Prevention Against Freezing – Required Actions

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Pipe burst, water damage. With the onset of winter, your pipes are vulnerable. To avoid this, we gives you some simple freeze prevention tips.

Let’s begin.


Steps to take to prevent freezing

Freeze prevention: pipes

Protect your meter and external pipes with insulating materials (glass wool, etc.).

Provide insulating enclosures for outdoor taps. In any case, choose materials that do not retain moisture.

Protect interior pipes, especially in unheated areas (cellar, attic, etc.).

In case of particularly harsh cold, let a thin trickle of water run. The permanent circulation of water in the pipes will prevent it from freezing and therefore damaging the pipes.

Freeze prevention: emptying tanks

In the event of prolonged absence in winter (greater than 48 hours), the water tanks (cisterns, etc.) must be emptied.


The emptying of the tanks is done in 4 steps:

  1. Close the tap located between your meter and the public pipe,
  2. Open all the taps in your home so that the water in the pipes flows out,
  3. Then open the bleed valve,
  4. Close all faucets when draining is complete.

Frost prevention – In case of absence

Are you leaving for more than 48 hours?

  1. Turn off the water meter
  2. Position the heating in frost protection mode instead of switching it off.

Compliance with these measures may be requested by the insurer. In the event of a frost claim, the latter reduces its compensation if you have not observed these measures.

The general conditions remind you of the frost prevention measures required by your home insurance.

Compare home insurance

Water damage caused by frost is not always covered by your insurer. Some contracts guarantee freezing as an option.

So, if you live in an area where the temperatures are often freezing, reread your general conditions and make sure that your home insurance contract covers the consequences of frost.


In the TcommeRoit contract:

  1. The costs of finding and repairing leaks are guaranteed, both inside and outside (water meter)
  2. The costs of repairing interior pipes and hydraulic installations damaged by frost  are borne by the insurer
  3. The “Overconsumption of water” guarantee covers overconsumption of water linked to a leak within the limit of €400 in the Comfort formula. In the Exclusive formula, this limit is increased to €600.

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At this point, you should now know what to do when the winter time is near so as to prevent any pipe damage due to freezing.

Incase if you have any question or suggestion, then you can let us know by commenting below.


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