Health Insurance Comparison

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Do you want to find health insurance adapted to your needs and at the best price? To properly compare mutual, here are the elements to look at carefully.

Comparison of mutual – Guarantees adapted to your needs

A good health insurance meets your needs and those of your family. The benefits and level of coverage should match the most common health expenses for you.

A few questions will help you target your needs.

Your habits

1.      Routine care

do you frequently consult a specialist? Does he practice fee overruns ? In particular, pay attention to the level of reimbursement for doctors in sector 1, sector 2 and sector 3.


2. Pharmacy

Do you have regular treatment? Do you know if these drugs have a low or high actual benefit? Coverage by social security differs according to the type of medication, and some complementary health contracts do not reimburse medication with low medical service rendered.

If you take very few medications, this can be interesting to reduce your monthly contribution. Otherwise, prefer a contract that reimburses all drugs at 100%.

More and more mutuals are also offering packages for self-medication, ie medicines without any social security coverage, with or without a prescription (food supplements, etc.).


3. Dental care

do you go to the dentist only once a year for a classic check-up (scaling, cavities)? Or, on the contrary, are you planning to perform more expensive treatments such as dental prostheses (crowns, inlay-core, etc.) or even implantology?

Here again, reimbursements from Social Security vary enormously – and are sometimes non-existent: your complementary health contract must be adapted to your needs to avoid excessively large out-of-pocket costs.


Optical equipment

glasses or lenses, progressive or complex lenses, here again, Social Security reimbursements are very low, and the bill potentially high. A suitable contract will limit your remaining dependents.

Also think about the comfort elements that are important to you.

Would you like to benefit from a private room in the event of hospitalization? Are you planning to do a spa treatment? Do you frequently visit an osteopath or podiatrist, or even an acupuncturist.

The best is still to explain all this to a health insurance advisor to take stock of your needs: he will recommend the best contract for you and your family.


Waiting periods or deductible

This is the period during which the mutual does not reimburse the costs incurred by the insured.

Indeed, to avoid abuse, some mutuals limit reimbursements during a period following membership.

This often only concerns certain items of expenditure such as dental, optics or hospitalization.

However, it is easy to find health insurance without a waiting period. But, the price may be higher.


The price

To compare the prices of complementary health insurance, choose contracts with equivalent guarantees.

The prices vary a lot from one complementary health insurance to another, so do not hesitate to obtain an estimate. Some insurers specialize in particular profiles.

Thus, an interesting health insurance for a 30-year-old employee may not be the most advantageous for a retired woman.


Your profile

Are you young and healthy?  A young mutual with basic guarantees and a low rate may be the solution for you.


Are you in a relationship? It is generally more advantageous to subscribe to a couple’s health insurance, rather than two different complementary health insurance.

However, couple mutual are interesting if your reimbursement needs are similar.

If they diverge, see what is more advantageous for you: a couple contract or 2 separate complementary health contracts.

Often, mutual offer reductions for a subscription as a couple.

Do you want to insure your whole family? Some family mutual offer advantageous prices :

  • Reduction according to the number of children
  • 3rd child free
  • Free for the newborn

Are you retired ? Senior or retired mutual do not cover unnecessary guarantees such as maternity costs. On the other hand, they offer better coverage for optical, dental or hearing care, and specialist consultations.

Again, talk to an expert advisor to guide you.



The services offered in addition to the basic guarantees are crucial elements to take into account. The preventive actions offered by mutual insurance, teleconsultation, reimbursement simulators or health guides are services that make life easier.

Remember to consult the conditions of assistance coupled with the insurance contract: it can offer you interesting services such as the payment of hours of home help after hospitalization, or even the transfer of your children in the event of immobility.

Other services that make the difference are teletransmission or even third-party payment, which exempts you from paying the costs in advance to the professionals concerned.



With this post, we hope you were able to understand how to compare health insurance with factors like price and others.

Obtaining the best insurance policy does a long way benefit than choosing the one that seems to be good.

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