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In the event of a claim in your home, questions abound regarding your home insurance. We will providing you with the answers to your questions.


What information do I need to get a home insurance quote?

  1. The number of rooms of more than 7 m² and more than 40 m² in the accommodation to be insured. If a room measures more than 40 m² on the ground, it counts as two rooms;
  2. The area of ​​the outbuildings;
  3. The number of adults living in the accommodation to be insured;
  4. The date of birth of the children living in the accommodation to be insured;
  5. The address of the accommodation;
  6. The date of construction of the accommodation, if you are the owner.

Questions I can ask myself

How should we account for the levels of a house in the home insurance quote?

You declare a level when the furnished rooms are all located on the same level. In other words, if you have a residential level and an unfinished basement, count only one level.

Another example: ground floor + finished basement + 1st floor + unfinished attic = 3 levels


What is a main room?

A main room is a room with a floor area of ​​more than 7 m². It is:

  • Bedroom
  • Living room
  • Dining room

Are not considered as main parts:

The kitchen

If it is open, of the American kitchen type, its area is added to the adjoining room;


The bathroom or shower room: whatever its size, a bathroom is never considered as a main room;

A corridor

A dressing room or storage room. Unless it is fitted out and is at least 7m², in which case it is indeed a main room.

Special cases

An attic counts as a main room if it is partially or fully finished and its floor area is at least 7m².


If it is closed and measures more than 7 m² on the ground, a veranda counts as a main room. If it is open and part of another room, its area is added to that of the adjoining room.

If the total floor area of ​​the veranda and the adjoining room is greater than 40 m², specify this when making your estimate.

For rooms with sloping ceilings or mezzanines, only the floor area counts, whether the room has sloping ceilings or not. If the room is more than 7 m² in floor area, it is considered a main room.

Please note that not all parts are counted: consult the definition of a main part.

Swimming pools, jacuzzis or saunas are obviously not considered as parts of the dwelling. However, you can cover them with specific guarantees.


What is an addiction?

An outbuilding is a building that is not used as a residential building or as a business premises. It must not have direct communication with the main residential building.

I own two buildings on a plot, one of which is used as a guest house. How should I insure them?

A guest house is a room used as a dwelling and cannot, as such, be considered as an outbuilding. Make a single home insurance quote for both buildings: just add the number of main rooms in both buildings.

I have a house and another body of building which acts as a guest house on the same land, … Do I have to take out two separate insurance policies?

You only need to make a single home insurance quote, since the two buildings are on the same land. Add the number of main rooms of both buildings.

Good to know: the maximum number of guest rooms  is limited to five.


The case of students

As part of their studies, students may be required to change cities regularly.

Let’s say that a student’s main residence is in Bordeaux, and that he is going on an internship in Rennes.

If he rents a room in this city while keeping his accommodation in Bordeaux, he will not be able to benefit from the “student room” formula in Rennes.

Indeed, this formula, which offers a very advantageous rate, only applies to main residences.

This insurance costs less because:


  • The accommodation to be insured is small
  • The equipment is limited (cf. furniture, household appliances, etc.)


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