What Insurance For A Student – Required Information

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Being a student involves many changes in life. To live your independence peacefully, you will have to go through several stages: first apartments, jobs, internships or even cars.

To make things easier for you, we offer you a back-to-school offer concerning home, car and health insurance.

Civil liability

Particularly important when you start your student life, civil liability for private life covers you against bodily injury or material damage that you may cause to others.

It is included in the vast majority of insurance contracts (home, auto, mutual insurance, etc.).

You will be asked for the RC (civil liability) certificate as part of your internships, your student jobs or when you subscribe to a higher education establishment.


How to take out liability insurance

Several scenarios:

If you live with your parents, you should be covered for this warranty on their home contract.

All you have to do is ask your parents to contact the insurer so that they can provide you with this document.

If you have left the family home, it is possible that you are no longer covered by your parents’ contract.

In this case you have certainly taken out home insurance on your side.

You should contact your insurer to provide you with the civil liability certificate.
If you do not have a home insurance contract, you can take out civil liability insurance alone.

Count between 15 and 20 euros per year depending on the formula subscribed.

Many insurers offer online subscription, so you can download your certificate to your personal space.

Also, some student mutual offers include civil liability coverage in their contract.

If you have taken out one, ask your insurer if you benefit from civil liability.
home insurance
Housing insurance, also called multi-risk housing insurance (MRH) is compulsory when signing a rental lease. Indeed, even if your landlord is covered by his non-occupant landlord insurance, it is mandatory for you as a tenant to take out insurance.

The home insurance certificate is essential when handing over the keys if you rent student accommodation (university room, CROUS, studio) or shared accommodation.

Your landlord will ask you for it each year.

As a tenant, you are responsible to the landlord for any damage caused to the accommodation.

It covers you in the event of a claim at home and allows you to be compensated on your movable property.

Here again, insurance companies are stepping up their efforts to offer home insurance packages for students.

At more affordable prices, these offers include essential and mandatory guarantees (water damage , fire , civil liability, natural disasters , defense and recourse and climatic events).

As well as guarantees such as assistance during an internship abroad or even an “exam” guarantee which covers the costs of re-registration if the student has not been able to pass his exam.

Warranties such as theft, vandalism, glass breakage or even replacement of furniture are not essential and mandatory warranties.

However, you can benefit from it by subscribing to a superior formula, generally called the “comfort formula” or “integral formula” .

What about subletting

Contrary to popular belief, subletting is in no way illegal and is even more and more common. However, certain conditions must be met.

The main tenant must obtain the agreement of his landlord if this specificity is not mentioned in the lease contract.
The tenant whose name is mentioned in the lease contract must not take advantage of the subletting.

That is to say that the rent requested must not be higher than the rent of the sub-lessor.

How to take out home insurance

You have the possibility to carry out a comparison on the Internet.

An insurance comparator is a valuable aid in quickly evaluating the offers of insurers, their rates and their guarantees.

The important elements to be taken into account in home insurance are guarantees, deductibles* and movable capital* protected.

The subscription of this type of insurance is possible online.

However, it is recommended to contact an advisor directly.

He will be able to guide you in your search and answer your questions.

Count between 50 and 100 euros for multi-risk student home insurance.

Insurance contracts are renewed by tacit agreement.

This implies that if you do not request the termination of the contract, the latter will automatically renew each year.

Car insurance

Finding young driver insurance at an affordable price is often an obstacle course because it is often considered to be a “risky” driver .

The premium is generally twice as high as for an experienced insured.

If you live with your parents and you do not need your own car, we recommend that you insure yourself as a secondary driver on your parents’ car contract for the first three years of your license.

Their insurance premium will certainly be higher, but you will earn bonuses and money.

Young drivers –  How To Choose Your Car Contract

If you no longer live with your parents, it is quite possible that you will need your own vehicle.

To reduce costs, the best method is comparison.

There are formulas specially designed for novice drivers at affordable prices that offer a box that you plug into the vehicle.

Depending on your driving score each month, it is possible to benefit from a discount on your car insurance premium. These discounts can go up to 40%.

What guarantees are offered for young drivers

You generally have three choices for car insurance formulas with the possibility of adding optional guarantees such as 0km assistance.

The simple third party:  Civil liability, defense recourse, personal guarantee.
The extended third party: Civil liability, defense recourse, personal guarantee, glass breakage, fire, theft and natural disasters.
All risks: Civil liability, defense recourse, personal guarantee, glass breakage, fire, theft, natural disasters and damage from all accidents.
You will make your choice according to the guarantees you would like to have, and your budget.

Above all, the age of the vehicle must be taken into account.

Our advice

Since in general the budget of a student is tight, we recommend the purchase of a second-hand vehicle and third-party insurance with 0km assistance.

Doing so will save you a lot of money on your car insurance.

Health insurance

Since September 1, 2019, you have automatically and free of charge switched to the general scheme.

You are therefore attached to the CPAM of your place of residence.

Because a student is generally in good health, complementary student health insurance offers very simple services in order to limit their price as much as possible.

Nothing forces you to get one.

However, it is recommended that you take out a contract that will allow you to complete the reimbursement made by the health insurance for the care provided.

Indeed, medical expenses are never 100% covered if you do not have mutual health insurance, especially when it comes to specialized care.

How Student Can Choose Their complementary health insurance

In the same way as for car insurance, the best method remains the comparison.

Student mutual offers are available on the internet at very attractive rates and offering additional guarantees such as civil liability, repatriation worldwide if you go on a trip or internship, etc.

How to cancel insurance

The cancellation of an insurance must be done in relation to the laws in force. Several reasons are valid for terminating an insurance contract:

  • Maturity (anniversary date)
  • Moving/selling
  • Status change
  • Chatel law
  • Hamon Law

It is important to seek advice from your broker or your insurer to carry out your cancellation in due form.

If you do not respect the dates, the reason and/or the conditions, the insurer reserves the right to refuse the termination of your contract.

Student insurance for departures abroad

There are approximately 80,000 students who decide to go abroad as part of their studies (Erasmus, internship, travel, caesura, etc.).

Being well prepared for your departure is an asset against the hazards.

A French mutual, even a student, is not always sufficient to cover medical costs which vary from one country to another.

Indeed, Social Security and your mutual insurance company only reimburse the amount paid for equivalent care in France. Travel insurance will provide optimal medical coverage and appropriate assistance guarantees.

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