How to choose a good insurance

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You’ve compared rates, found a plethora of insurance policies on the Internet, all of which give you more or less the same message… How to make the right choice so as not to have any unpleasant surprises when the time comes?

Lets begin the discussion.

Car Insurance

Do you know the different formulas of car insurance, all risks, third party? It’s a good start ! We explain how to choose one or the other depending on your vehicle, your age, your place of residence or your driving habits. And we also detail the small guarantees to pay attention to in each of these situations.


Home Insurance

As you can imagine, it’s not quite the same whether you rent a small maid’s room or own a mansion. We give you advice for these situations, and many others: if you are a childminder, if you have a second home, if you are in joint tenancy or co-ownership. And if you can’t find what you want, please let us know !


Mutual health

Mutual health insurance is undoubtedly the most complicated insurance to choose. Already because it is expensive, and then because reading a table of description of guarantees is damn difficult when you don’t know (and even if you know, for that matter). Here too, we try to show you the best choices between very covering mutual insurance, but very expensive, and cheap mutual insurance, but which never reimburses anything.


loan insurance

Loan insurance is also a somewhat complicated insurance to understand for a neophyte. And yet, it’s worth diving into it a little bit: by choosing insurance outside your bank, you can, depending on your profile, make several thousand savings. We therefore explain the principle of insurance delegation and give you some tips for the most difficult profiles to insure.


School Insurance

Should I take school insurance? Is home insurance civil liability sufficient? We imagine that every parent has asked themselves these questions one day before the start of the school year. And from our point of view as a broker, here is what we can say…



For small daily glitches or more serious accidents, we offer a full range of insurance to protect you and your loved ones. With these small, inexpensive insurances, you can more easily cope with the unexpected.

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