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All Property Risks Insurance

All Property Risks Insurance – Always Covered

Your home insurance’s all-risk property cover is very protective of your home. In the event of a claim, it is the Swiss army knife cover that intervenes where the others cannot operate. It is sometimes included in very comprehensive home insurance formulas or available as an option. A very covering guarantee The all-risk real estate guarantee…
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Roommate Insurance How

Roommate Insurance – How To Be Well Insured

Due to high rents or the desire to live a Friends-style life, more and more people are opting for shared accommodation. A life in community which has its disadvantages as well as its advantages. On the home insurance side, what precautions are necessary to be well compensated in the event of a claim? Roommate insurance You might be tempted…
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How to increase your business revenue (1)

Natural Disaster – What To Do With Your Insurer

Do you live in an area at risk for natural disasters? Are you sure you are covered by your home insurance in the event of a claim? Adopting good reflexes before and after a disaster can save you time with your insurer to get you compensated.   Natural disasters – The exact definition Are considered as natural disasters,…
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